Baby Steps

12 weeks post 18 months of antibiotics.  

10 months of coiling.  Where am I now?



Most days I do not feel fluish/feverish.

My pupils work normally (most of the time) by adjusting their size to the light.           For years prior, my pupils were always abnormally large which gave me excruciating headaches.

I have been able to exercise, which is HUGE. It used to be that I was not able to get off the couch and go to the bathroom. Being able to walk/jog 3 miles is an incredible accomplishment for me.

I haven’t had tremors.

I have experienced only one day of dizziness and vertigo.

My breath smells normal. (I’ve had some bad breath, guys…)

No mouth sores.

My face has been pretty clear.

My appetite has been fairly normal, I think… I used to go through cycles of feeling ravenous for months followed by never wanting to eat at all.

My bowels are WORKING!!! This is another thing that is so exciting. I’ve been constantly constipated for my whole life!!! hahahaha At least I’m able to laugh at my poop problems!

No nausea.

No dry lips or peeling skin around my nails.

My hair is very healthy and thick.

Needs Improvement:

I still have difficulty sleeping.

I have had some bouts of profuse day and nighttime sweats.

I’ve had a few headaches.

Allergies (seasonal and random sensitivities) are still a problem, although I have found that Harry’s razors are not hurting me like any of the others I’ve tried! (Unfortunately for those who venture too close to my legs or armpits, they find that I am allergic to all razors it seems! HA!)

I’ve had some emotional moments, but am hoping to start the process of tapering off of my anti-depressant soon which I have been on for 2+ years.

I’m still SO VERY TIRED.

Extreme bloating remains a problem.

I can’t lose any weight – even on my vegan diet with exercise.

So thankful that I’m no longer rocking a hospital gown on the regular.

In the past 2 ½ months, I’ve begun to live a little more.  It has been years since I’ve been able to make plans in advance, and I’ve been doing that!  I spent three May weekends traveling to see old friends, I’ve been working my Mountain Mermaid booth at several festivals, I’ve lined up some music gigs, and I have even been working at my aunt & uncle’s driving range!  I’ve worked up the stamina to walk three miles with my mom and I’ve been using weights and the elliptical machine at home to try to build my endurance.  Considering the fact that only a few months ago I struggled to walk any distance at all, I’ve been pretty proud of myself!


With all of these improvements, I should be very happy – and I am, but I’m not satisfied.  Currently my biggest problem is my extreme fatigue.  I’m so very tired… a heavy, overwhelming feeling that cannot be fought through.  A daily nap is non-negotiable, and sometimes my naps are hours long.  It’s been difficult to practice and prepare for my gigs between the new commitments I’ve made and my need for a nap.


My second biggest problem is my weight.  My mom and I were concerned that the weight gain may be due to a thyroid problem or related to the low estrogen birth control pill I take to keep my endometriosis in check.  (I had endometriosis excision surgery two years ago.)  I had an upcoming appointment with my gynecologist and asked that we check all my numbers beforehand – everything came back ok.  Because I have other symptoms of low estrogen besides weight gain and fatigue, my doctor did change my birth control pill to one with a slightly higher level, although he attributes my weight issue to my continued use of an anti-depressant and sleep aid.  I think he’s probably correct, and after giving my body some time to adjust to the new birth control, I plan to begin to taper off both the sleep aid and anti-depressant while using AmpCoil for support.

Here’s progress for ya – This is a picture of me after a 3 mile fast walk in 90 degree weather… The struggle was real, but all I could think about was all of that DETOX, BABY!!!

I HAVE COME A VERY LONG WAY.  There are still a lot of things that need to shift in my body in order to feel more like a human –  but when I look back to the very, very low place that I once was, I am amazed.  Because I am able to do so much more, my mom becomes disappointed and even afraid when I say that I don’t feel well.  Some days are better than others and we have to remind ourselves… baby steps are okay – these tiny steps are continuing to move me forward.

The first picture was taken 6 months ago. This is what I took every day – morning, afternoon and night. The picture on the right is what I take now. 6 months of straight AmpCoil healing does a lot! 

I head off to Spain again this week!  Please pray for my health while I am away from my AmpCoil for four weeks!!!  I’m am in a better place now than I was during my last trip in January, so I am hopeful that I will be able to fully and completely enjoy my time traveling with Dan.  I’m bringing him home with me for good at the end of July!  I know my healing journey will be able to continue once we are both back – my heart will be full and my AmpCoil will be by my side!


Psalm 73:26

I’ve been in a locked box for 4+ years. All I’ve ever wanted was to get out. I’ve scratched my fingers to the bone trying get a breath of fresh air rather than the rancid funk of Lyme Disease and its Co-infections.

So what happens when you’re stuck in a locked box for so long? 

It becomes all you know. 

You still try to get out, but you never 100% believe you actually will. 

So it becomes just a dream, something to keep your mind positive. 

“One day I’ll be better… One day.”

My spring allergies have been NOWHERE near as bad as they have been the past couple of years! I enjoyed working on this blog outside.

So I guess that “one day” has come. 


Last I posted, I had just quit medicine, had started eating extremely healthy, and spent every day coiling, coiling, coiling. 

I’m still doing all the these things and have even been well enough to want to get my heart rate up. Slow, easy, restorative yoga is my favorite. It’s enough to get my body moving and loose, and since my last post I have even done a yoga class where we were standing up and moving the whole time! Never did I EVER think that I would be able to do anything like that! I’ve spent multiple days out of the house running errands all day long; taken road trips on the weekends to visit friends; had the urge to take a shower, fix my hair and put makeup on for no reason other than “just because”; and have even begun to make future plans to go back to school.

My Reiki healer teaches an arial/restorative yoga/meditation class – It’s my new favorite!

I’m crying while typing this. 

I can’t even begin to tell you guys how the past few weeks have changed my outlook on life. 

I’m a VERY spiritual person and I whole heartedly believe that everything happens for a reason, good or bad. It makes us grow, become stronger mentally and physically, and prepares us for what God has in store for our future. He is not punishing us, He is preparing us. We must trust His plan, not our pain. 

My mother goes grocery shopping every Sunday and this is what the sink looks like the beginning of every week! Not only is it beautiful, it is a great motivator for the rest of the week!

Through this journey I have learned so much about myself and the world around me, and I hope that through my voice, whether in person or over the internet, I am able to make a difference in the Lyme and chronic illness community. All chronic illnesses are related and all are able to be helped by Ampcoil and Medical Medium.


Now that my box has been cracked open, I have slowly lifted my head, adjusted my eyes to the light, and prepared myself to take my first steps. I still feel that I am connected to a chain that can only go so far, but this chain length is so much more than I have had for years, and I am grateful for it.

My family’s Mother’s Day tradition is to go see a musical at our local theater. I’ve always loved doing this and it was the first time I’ve left and not had a headache!

Although I’m doing well, my biggest fear is waking up and finding that I’ve been thrown back in the box, the top slammed shut and pad locked. But I can’t live in fear. All I can do is keep taking care of myself and doing what I know helps, coiling, eating right, and moving. 

My favorite smoothies have a full helping of vegetables in them just to make them even more nutritious. I always add spinach and sometimes kale! If you’re weird about your vegetables, spinach in a smoothie has no taste and anything can be covered up by a banana or 2!

The other day I was on the phone with my boyfriend, Dan, and he asked me, “How has your day been?” I kind of stuttered before answering because I had never been able to answer that question so positively. “I’m doing really well. I’ve had a really good day.” My voice started to crack and Dan knew I was crying when he said, “What’s going on, babe? Talk to me…”

What I told him is exactly what I’ve written today. I’m just in a really good spot right now and I pray everyday that I continue to stay here. 

Was well enough to visit some great friends for the weekend! 

So I guess a dream I never thought would come true, has.

I’m doing well. 

I’m doing really well.

And one day, you will be too. 

“My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the strength of my heart; He is mine forever.”

Psalm 73:26




“That’s It, I Quit, I’m Movin’ On” – Adele

My battle against “Lyme”, “Osp-A” or this “Immunosuppressive AIDS-like” disease has seen many ends of roads and turns onto new ones.  This is my most recent change of direction.


I’ve bombarded my body with poisons since February 2017… on April 9, 2018, I quit.  I had just spent two weeks with the love of my life and my extended family traveling, partying, relaxing in the sun, sightseeing, boating, visiting, dancing, and celebrating occasions – it was glorious!  My AmpCoil of course went with me everywhere, and I used those two weeks as a time to depend solely on its healing energy. (I was on a scheduled 2-week “off” period from meds).  I have been using the Coil to Cleanse for quite a while, but I also used other Journeys while traveling: Brain Reboot, Relax All, Demo-Harmonizer and Positivity were all helpful to me on the road.  As the vacation from the real world ended, I had a pit in my stomach knowing that I was headed home to the dreaded medicines that would again cause the overwhelming sickness and exhaustion that I’ve had on and off (mostly on) for the past year.  Just the thought of popping those pills gave me a literal urge to vomit. 


On Monday, April 9th, I took the first dose of my Round 3 Babesia Part B Protocol including Omnicef, Malarone, Bactrim, Artemisinin, Enula, Lactoferrin and Xylitol.  My body was instantly shocked.  The flu-like symptoms were back immediately:  severe bodyaches, headache, nausea, hot and cold chills, and horrible drenching sweats.  This one dose made me more sick than I’ve been in a very long time. It was a different kind of sick. Instead of knowing as I have the past year that despite being sick and miserable, taking this medicine was the right thing to do, it all changed and I honestly felt like this medicine was killing me from the inside out. I couldn’t take it anymore.  That day I decided that I was DONE.  I have come a very long way since beginning long-term antibiotic treatment with Dr. Jemsek, but this shock to my system just seemed so wrong.  My herxheimer reaction (or was it a poisoning?) lasted through the week.  By Tuesday night, my mom agreed with my decision, and the following day I had awoken to another sign that my body was just plain tired of being treated this way.  I had hives from the top of my head to my ankles… no big deal we thought – they won’t last!  Boy, were we wrong.  Wednesday night the hives worsened; Thursday morning we were shocked at my disfigurement; and by Thursday afternoon, my mom was about ready to take me to the E.R.  It was that BAD.  Thanks to the advice of our sweet family friend, Miss Penny, the nurse, we stayed home and searched for our own solutions since I wasn’t having trouble breathing.  *** Helpful Hint for Hives *** Take one Zantac and one Zyrtec twice a day! My hives were just about gone the morning after my first dose!!!


I have flirted with the notion of putting all my faith and trust in the  AmpCoil several times before now.  As much as my mom and I believe in the coil’s PEMF technology, it has been hard to let go of the path I had already begun with traditional medicines, and the Jemsek Specialty Clinic doctors working with me have been the best I’ve encountered in years.  I am so grateful for their knowledge, skill and understanding of the torment I’ve had with this disease, and I hope they will be as understanding of my need to move on from them.


I’ve been coiling since August 2017.  Although I have felt the benefits of the coil, in the back of my mind I have felt that my medicines were acting as a polar force against it.  Both protocols, antibiotics and the AmpCoil, are to help one’s health… but it seems to me that it would be difficult for the AmpCoil to help your body repair from the cellular level upwards while antibiotics are killing so many things your body needs to be healthy.  The AmpCoil has helped me through my numerous days of herxing from medications, but has it been able to effectively help me as much as it possibly could without medications infringing upon it’s abilities? 


My current plan is to coil, coil, coil.  I am cleansing every other day.  I run support journeys on the off days such as Organ Tune-Up, Nutrition, Hormone Helper and Brain Reboot.  I’m also trying to move myself forward through food, exercise, and mental work.  Although I’ve always done a decent job thinking about what foods I eat, I am now being much more aware.  I am using Medical Medium as a guide and since my decision last week to change direction in treatment, I am eating MOSTLY raw fruits and vegetables.  Medical Medium’s 28-day detox program calls for raw fruits and veggies only, and perhaps I can get to that point eventually.  Until that time, I have had some cooked vegetables here and there, and have cheated with some peanut butter on my apples or bananas.  I have set a goal for myself to be more physically active.  This is the tough for me because I am so very tired… I am going to try to do more walking (starting with around the block) and yoga.   I attended my first restorative yoga class in a very long time yesterday and it was hard for me.  I lost circulation in my arms and legs while holding the poses, but I’m hoping that with time and practice, I will improve.  Because my brain is still so foggy, it is hard for me to do mental work, but I’m planning to continue to stretch it!  I’ve been working on my music – writing, playing and singing – this always feels good. 


In the next couple of months, I am traveling back to Spain for my boyfriend’s graduation. Traveling took a lot out of me last time, but like I said before, I was so very impressed with how I did. I have a feeling being completely off of medicines and living my healthiest lifestyle, I’m going to do just as well, if not even better this time around. 


I am so very blessed to have my family support me in everything I do. Lyme, or debilitating sickness in general, is such a spiritual journey and having a support system plays such a huge role. 


Thank you all for keeping up with my story! 

I’ll post more AmpCoil updates soon!

I send Love and Light to each and every one of you. 

December 28, 2013 – 16 1/2 years old – A day I will never forget

I woke up with a headache. No big deal. People get headaches sometimes.
The past couple of weeks I had been noticing my hair falling out, my skin being so dry lotion couldn’t even help and so fatigued the smallest tasks became almost impossible.

It was just a weird stage, right?
I had just gone through a rough break up, I was stressed with school and family life, I was in the mental state of wishing my life away, and was so unhappy with where I was and what I was doing… So all and all, I guess you could say I was pretty depressed.


The headache I had on the 28th, got worse on the 29th, which then became even worse on the 30th.

School was about to start back up after Christmas break and I ended up having to miss the first couple of days back. The headache had turned into a migraine and I became physically unable to move. Missing a couple days of school turned into having to become a homebound student while being bed-ridden.
The headache never went away, but after about 3 and a half months, the symptoms I was suffering from turned more into feeling “flu-like” and extremely weak, and less about the headache I was suffering from.

I felt the need to live as much of a normal life as I could, and that meant acting like I was okay sometimes just to gain a small sense of normalcy.
I would go to a basketball game, or out to dinner with my family, occasionally joke around with friends, but what became my way of trying to be normal turned into –
“Wait… if you were really sick you wouldn’t be able to do that.”


You can only feel sorry for someone for so long until you begin to question what is going on. You become ready for things to get back to normal and you start to believe that the person is full of shit and/or doing all of this for attention. How do I know that, you may ask? It’s because people flat out told me I was full of shit, doing all of this to get attention, that I needed to “f*** off” because I was making them looking like they were condoning my actions of “acting” sick by being around them.
It’s not normal for someone to be so sick, but not look the part. It’s not normal to not have a diagnosis after being sick for many years.
It’s not normal… it’s just not.
It’s hard for people to grasp.

“Oh, you’re STILL sick?”

“Well, when are you going to get better?”

“Are you sure it’s not just all in your head?”

You begin to question yourself.
“Am I sick?”
Well of course I am! No one would voluntarily live like this!

I began to tear my family apart.
I began to lose friends.
I became the talk of the town.
I began to lose joy so fast that I questioned God…

Why is this happening?
Is this my fault?


After completing my junior and senior years of high school as a homebound student, my doctors told me that going to college would not be the best idea for me. I still didn’t have a diagnosis at this point and was struggling day to day, but me being me, I didn’t listen. I had longed to leave my small town and the people in it for so long, no one could stop me now!


After BARELY making it through a semester, I had to go back home.
My health had majorly deteriorated and I was no longer able to take care of myself.

In August 2016 at age 19, I was finally diagnosed with Lyme Disease after 3 years of suffering and found I was in the top 5% of CDC positive cases… which means that I, at the time, was a walking breathing spirochete, bacteria & fungi soup. Although I was still so sick, I hadn’t given up the thought of living on my own again. Everyone else I knew was an “adult” and doing “adult things” and I already felt like I was missing out on so much.
My parents came to me one day with the idea of moving out and I jumped at the bit.

I got an apartment about an hour away from my parents’ house. I was far enough away to do my own thing, but if I really needed to, I could easily go home.
I enrolled in a community college to take some classes and got myself a job working just a couple hours each weekend.
After a few weeks, I had to drop out of classes. Not only was going to just one class – twice a week for an hour and a half – physically too much for me to do, my brain wasn’t working. I would study SO hard and for SO long, but it didn’t matter, I failed every test.
After having to drop my class, I held on to my job for dear life. It physically took everything out of me, but it was the only way for me to get a taste of the “outside world”.
After a couple of months, I ended up having to quit that too.

I’m not a quitter.
I’ve always hated quitting things.
But after having a “Come to Jesus” moment with myself, I realized the most important thing was my health and my well-being. It didn’t matter what I had to quit, as long as I didn’t quit on myself. I moved back home a year ago, and my job since that time has been to get better.


I look back to 4 years ago and it makes me want to cry for that poor girl.
I say “that poor girl” because that girl is no longer me.
I have changed, learned, and grown so much in the past 4 years, I don’t think my old self would even recognize me.


All of the pictures that I’ve posted up to this point were taken before my life was 100% commandeered by tickborne illness. That was about as “normal” as my life would ever get… even though looking back, I was nothing like the normal girls. I had so many issues – mental, physical, emotional – I struggled daily, but I just thought that everybody had the same problems… little did I know my body was being taken over by little shits trying their best to kill me!

But to give you all a little hope and faith, I will tell you this…
I just summarized my depressing past, yes… but there were a million great things that happened to me over those years. Day to day, you feel like you aren’t moving very far and that you’re still just as sick as you were a year ago. We always want big improvements faster than they come, but we don’t realize that they are actually happening daily with treatment.


I just got back from a month long excursion in Spain. I did it. I made it. And it was incredible. This time last year I was about as puny as a pale petunia, but since then I have been working with the Jemsek Specialty Clinic, and I’ve been using the AmpCoil for the past 5 months. Something is helping.

Three weeks ago I had a colonoscopy and upper endoscopy done to make sure my abnormal gut health symptoms weren’t leading to anything other than me just being odd and full of problems. Thankfully, everything came back with nothing more than an internal hemorrhoid and some inflammation.
I continue to work on my gut health daily and the AmpCoil is a major factor in that.


Side note… I began cleansing with the AmpCoil immediately upon my return to the states. MISTAKE. After two days, I experienced one of the biggest Herxheimer reactions I’ve ever had. Since then, I’ve backed up and started over. I am currently working through the 30-day Detoxification Journeys and am doing well with it. The AmpCoil is so powerful – you have to take it SLOWLY!!!

After getting back from Spain and recovering from my outpatient procedure, I got right back into a strict heavy medicine cycle. I’ve had two weeks of meds and I’ve been taken down with some bed-ridden days. My next two weeks are lighter meds and I’m hoping to have some easier times. It’s all about the rollercoaster ride.
When your symptoms are all over the place, it’s hard to stay positive, but to get your life back, I’m willing to do anything, and I know you all are too.


Long story short, your health is worth it. Don’t give up on yourself. There are things out there to help you.. There are people out there to help you.. you just have to find them.

Sometimes I think of where I would be and what I would be doing now if none of this had happened…

I wholeheartedly believe that everything happens for a reason. There is not an ounce of me that wishes this had not have happened to me. This is a journey I will be on forever. Each day I am improving and normalizing my symptoms, but it is never not a hassle.

To those currently questioning life while dealing with this dreadful illness – I promise you there are people that love and care for you, and through this trial, you will grow and learn about yourself as well. Positivity is key.

Over Seas

Hello world – I come to you from a little coffee shop in the city of Valencia, Spain. If you remember, I posted a couple of months ago that I was planning to travel to Europe to visit my boyfriend who is currently studying abroad. Well, the time came and it was finally time for me to hop on a plane and cross the pond. Now, traveling across the world is a huge deal for anyone. It takes lots of time and energy, preparation is a bitch, and the anxiousness of “Am I forgetting anything??” is enough to keep you up at night.
Although I was definitely worried about feeling well enough to be overseas for a month, there was one thing keeping me sane with all of this mess and it was the fact that I was going to be able to take my AmpCoil with me.


I have been using the AmpCoil for 4-5 months now and have gotten to the point where I swear by it. It doesn’t matter what my biggest ailment is at the time, the AmpCoil has a “Journey” that will ease, if not completely fix the problem. So of course, believing that I’d be able to bring my AmpCoil brought some peace of mind not only to me, but to my mother as well.

About a week before I was supposed to leave, my mom and I decided that we should call and check with the foreign airlines about bringing my AmpCoil on the flight, just in case. It fits in the overhead compartment and it’s considered a medical device, so it shouldn’t be a problem, right? Well, it turns out that if I were simply traveling in the U.S., it wouldn’t be a problem. But sadly, the foreign airline I was flying with told me that I was going to have to upgrade my ticket to official business class both ways to be 100% sure I would be able to carry it onboard. What that means is I would have to hand out 3-5 thousand dollars to be able to take it. After my mother and I spent about an hour arguing with someone that didn’t speak English, we gave up. So long story short, I sadly do not have my AmpCoil with me.


I’ve been in Spain for a full week, and after recovering from jet lag, I’m honestly doing wonderfully. The food here is so extremely fresh, the weather is gorgeous, the people are incredibly nice and I’ve been feeling well enough to do and see all kinds of unbelievable things. My boyfriend and I went to Granada, Spain for the New Year’s weekend and walked multiple miles a day sightseeing. After returning to Valencia, I’ve been recovering by sleeping a lot and taking it easy, but I have not flared like I thought I would. I sat down the other day and compared my current health to where I was a year, 2 years, 3 years ago, and I honestly cried. I have come so far. I’m in freaking Spain for God’s sake… I’m not bed ridden, I can take a shower without passing out, I have been able to walk and get my heart rate up, and I am beginning to truly enjoy the simple things in life again.


Over the years, I’ve done many things to try to regain my health and strength. Crazy medication, all kinds of Eastern Medicine, tons and tons of herbal treatment and vitamins, different types of therapies, etc. You name it, I’ve probably tried it. By doing these crazy things, I was improving… but not enough. Sometimes I’d improve for a short time, but I would quickly decline again.
What I’m trying to get at is this – I honestly don’t think I would be here if it wasn’t for AmpCoil.


I can’t wait to get back to coiling and look forward to sharing my journey with you.
I’ll be staying in touch.

Sending love & light to everyone from España
– Avery

How Did I Do It? – The AmpCoil

(For those of you who follow my Instagram, @lymeliferevealed, I posted an update about my November 2nd appointment at the Jemsek Specialty Clinic – I will briefly summarize that for those who have not read it.)

IMG_4187 2

I’ve completed 9 months of treatment to this point and by the time my next appointment rolls around, I will have been taking hardcore antibiotics for a year.
I walked into this appointment wanting to stop all medications. I’ve been so sick and tired of being a slave to pill boxes and of feeling like a dead man walking 24/7.

Before my appointment, I had been off medicine for 2 weeks, and although I definitely didn’t feel 100%, I felt much better than I had felt in a really, REALLY long time.
After talking with Anne Walch (PA) and Dr. Jemsek himself, we decided stopping meds at this point would be premature.

Dr. J wants to attack the babesia biofilms before discussing taking a long term break from medicine. If not, I would be risking losing the progress I’ve made thus far, and all the pain and suffering I’ve gone through to be for nothing. Anne and I talked about the AmpCoil and all of the progress I’ve made during the past 3 months of using it… but while being on medicine at the same time, it’s hard to tell which is helping what. She is aware of the benefits of PEMF technology and encouraged me to continue using it daily.


While preparing to leave for my appointment in D.C., I also had to pack for 5 more days of non-stop traveling – visiting Aunt Julie in Richmond, going to a Hampden-Sydney football game, and spending time with family in Appomattox. I would have 2 days to recuperate before driving to Pittsburgh to visit a friend for 3 days before returning home to attend a 2 1/2 day Reiki class. No lie, I had been worried about these two weeks for months to come… These were all commitments that I could not avoid. I had no choice but to push through. I decided that I was not going to start taking my new Jemsek protocol until these 2 weeks were over because I was warned that the new meds would be TOUGH. After day one on the road, I had already done enough activity for 2 weeks, but I had just gotten started!


I always have a hard time sleeping, but while traveling, my problem becomes much worse. While on the road, I relied heavily on the AmpCoil “Sleep” journey. It literally made me feel like I was in such a heavy, drugged sleep.. Some of the best nights of sleep I’ve ever had.
(I found out it was best to use the Sleep journey while being physically in bed and laying down. If you use it while sitting up and watching tv or something, it doesn’t work as well or as fast.)

I was also with my family for most of this trip, and anytime I’m with them, I’m bound to get a headache! In addition, I also accidentally left some of my medicine at home. Some of my meds will leave me emotionally unstable if I just quit cold turkey, so I used the “Headache” and the “Mental/Emotional” journeys on the AmpCoil almost every day to keep myself in working order.

These pictures were taken approximately 5-10 minutes apart. I was desperately in need of a nap and a “Cleanse” journey! I knocked out 2 seconds after my head hit the pillow!

After the first week of traveling, I left home for Pittsburgh while still feeling absolutely drained from the week of events before. Every time I had a minute in the hotel room, I was coiling. From “Cleanse” journeys, to “Organ” help, I coiled non-stop.
My next test of strength came after returning home – my Reiki class. Now keep in mind, I haven’t been able to take a class or sit down in any kind of learning environment for a couple years! My cognitive issues had become too overbearing for me to even be able to read without majorly stuttering and not being able to comprehend much. Concentrating quickly leads to horrible headaches for me. But because I was very interested in this subject and stubborn about not quitting until I had at least tried, I had signed myself up for a 2 1/2 day long course from 8am to 6:30pm.
I found myself asking the same question over and over again..
“Avery, how the hell are you going to do this?”


Somehow, by the grace of God, I made it through all the traveling AND the class…. or was it the AmpCoil that saved my ass? Probably a little help from both.. but I swear the AmpCoil pushed me through the finish line.
Instead of “Avery, how the hell are you going to do this?”, it was
“Avery, you’re going to be able to do this.”

After all was said and done, I was of course exhausted from those 2 weeks, but I wasn’t any more sick than I was before. I was just tired. And I can deal with tired. How did I do it? – the Amp Coil

They say that after using the AmpCoil for 3 months, you’ll have a story. You just read mine.
I haven’t been able to do hardly anything for years. Going 2 weeks straight with one thing after the other was unheard of for me; it was a test of not only myself, but the AmpCoil too, and all it has done for me so far.

When I returned home from all of my excursions, I started my Jemsek protocol prescribed 2 weeks earlier. It was time for my body to go back to war, and since then I’ve definitely been struggling, but not as much as I did on the last protocol, and definitely not as much as I think the doctors expected me to struggle. The round of meds is stepped up from last time and I was warned it would kick my ass. Again, thanks to the AmpCoil, although I have been sick, I am getting by!


Here’s the thing. I’m suffering from Post-Sepsis Syndrome.
Post-sepsis syndrome is a dysregulated systemic inflammatory and immune response to microbial invasion. In other words, Lyme disease has left my body in a toxic mess and the Lyme spirochetes have left my cells susceptible to secondary infections. Like AIDS, Lyme is an immunosuppression disease. It allows other infections to become active and chronic. Tissue and organ damage (brain and gut) are my biggest problems. My stomach has always been a war zone and my brain function is still not where it should be. The AmpCoil is helping me work on these things with all of the journeys offered.

For Christmas I am leaving for Spain and will be out of the country for a little over a month. I will be stopping hardcore antibiotics before flying out and will just be taking an easy regimen to make sure I do not lose any of the progress I’ve gained. I’m also planning for the AmpCoil to travel across the pond with me to help me stay strong for all of my adventures.
Y’all stay tuned and keep up with all my AmpCoil antics!

Until next time, friends.
– Avery

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Avery officially takes over “Lyme Life Revealed”

IMG_4111 Hi – my name is Avery Davis, and I, along with my mother Angela, am the initiator, creator, designer, founder, and architect of this blog and Instagram page “Lyme Life Revealed”. My mother and I together are a force to be reckoned with.. but do you know what else is?

Lyme Disease.

My rock of a mother has been there for me every step of the way through this obstacle course called “My Life” – The two of us decided that we wanted to share my story to let other Lymies, spoonies, and freaks of nature out there know that they are not alone. My body is fucked up too… So let’s get through this crazy life together.


When Lyme Life Revealed debuted, I had a hard time posting for myself. My mom took the initiative to post and put our thoughts together to inform others on my life. My trials, tribulations and experiments related to my health are all things my mom and I both thought others could learn from… especially those in the Lyme community.
It is with great honor that I come to you, un-edited and un-censored, as Avery Ellen Davis – That crazy girl who says she’s sick but doesn’t look it, mostly lays on the couch, watches shit TV, and does her very best to not disappoint her very conservative father…. but with my personality and potty mouth, that usually backfires 😉

So first off.. let me tell you a little bit about myself.


I am 20 years old. I live at home in Southwest Virginia with my very loving and supportive family.

I have an adorable dog and a very loving cat

(but as you can tell, she is not the biggest fan of fidget spinners….)


 I also have a boyfriend who is currently living in Valencia, Spain getting his Masters at Berklee College of Music.

I’m a very lighthearted, easy going person who lives to laugh, love, and listen to bluegrass music. I’ve been told that I’m the go-to person for a good laugh and if any advice is needed, I’ll give it to ya straight!


Yes, I look healthy.
Yes, I act like I’m not sick.
But guess what…

I’m not healthy… and I am sick.

I started my AmpCoil journey almost 3 months ago. They say that after 3 months, you’ll have a story to tell. I have noticed changes, but I don’t want to jinx anything….. I have a good feeling though. I really do!

I’m so excited for the next blog post to see what all I have to write about! The AmpCoil is going to do big things for not only me, but anyone who uses it!



I have just finished up my third 3 month Jemsek antibiotic protocol. It was a Babesia regimen (co-infection of Lyme disease) and I tell you what… It kicked my ass.  The effects of Babesia treatment reflect the same symptoms that I’ve had coming and going for years.  What makes things so hard is that when the medicines attack the Babesia, all the symptoms come at once:

  • lots of allergic reactions
  • ends of hair so dry it’s breaking off
  • roots of hair so oily that shampoo won’t even clean it (what do you do when the ends are dry and the roots are oily?)
  • hair loss in general
  • bad breath
  • bowel issues
  • itchy eyes
  • extremely overheated
  • returned TMJ pain
  • headaches and migraines
  • metallic taste in mouth so strong I can’t eat or drink
  • drenching sweats
  • body odor
  • proof of parasites

I go back to Jemsek November 2nd for my fourth appointment. I’m anxious to see what they’ll say.

Whether they think I can stop long term antibiotics or not, I’m going to take a break from treatment for now. I not only have a trip to Spain planned over Christmas, but I also am really interested to see what the AmpCoil will do while I’m off of the medicines that suck the little bit of life I had left out of me.

I’m praying the AmpCoil changes my life.
I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I’m one to worry about the future. I have to tell myself that everything is going to work out just fine in the end, but it’s also hard for me to stay positive sometimes.
I long for a “normal” life…
To be married to a loving husband, have beautiful, healthy kids… to be able to hold down a job while also going to bluegrass festivals and playing music every chance I get… but right now, I have a difficult time even taking a shower, let alone raising children……..                                                        *team dry shampoo all the way*

I hope to connect with you… whether you’re sick or healthy, young or old, wild and rambunctious, or calm and quiet.

Us Lymies gotta stick together!!!

In the past 3 years and 10 months, Lyme has tried to take away my happiness.
Thankfully, I come from a line of stubborn kin who don’t take no for an answer. Join me in my fight of taking back my life.

I look forward to taking over this blog and sharing more of my life and health journey with you guys.

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– Avery Davis